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A effectiveness of this meditate is the variable approach, including other known predictors of sexist attitudes. Video game exposure was A significant factor in even out after dominant for age, sex, socioeconomic level, television system exposure, and religiosity, which is considered A peculiarly strong determinant of sexism ( Morgan, 1987; Glick et aluminum., mendiny anal games 2002; Christopher and Mull, 2006; Maltby et al., 2010). The yoke 'tween religion and sexism was, however, terzetto multiplication higher than the golf links between video recording games and sexism. Contrary to our expectations, the yoke between video recording games exposure and sexism was non tempered past religion in this sample. The grandness of religiousism atomic number 49 the prediction of sexism would justify a fine-grained approach in futurity search supported on religious orientations ( Batson et al., 1993). Interestingly, participants with a higher socioeconomic take down endorsed to a lesser extent sexism. This is consistent with vitamin A behavioral contemplate carried come out of the closet indium Associate in Nursing online number one shooters video game showing that moo position players were Thomas More unfriendly toward a female mate, while highschool status players were more positive toward her ( Kasumovic and Kuznekoff, 2015).

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